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Zhongwan building materials technology (hangzhou) co., LTD. Is - home set scientific research, production, management: stone metal tile, antique metal tile, maintenance port in one of the building materials enterprises. Main business: production and sales of colored stone metal tile, antique metal tile, inspection port business scope: products produced and sold, with the right to import and export, products exported to Asia, Africa, southeast Asia, North America and many other countries. Strong economic strength, market reputation outstanding.
All the time, zhongwan building materials has been working hard to meet the demand of roof tiles in the construction field. Our high-quality products and technologies have provided solutions for many construction projects. Today, zhongwan building materials products can be found in many buildings at home and abroad. Our technology can transform complex manufacturing processes into cost-effective, sustainable solutions. By optimizing the production of raw materials, using high-quality materials more efficiently, and providing market-leading product systems and services with scientific researchers, we ensure the continuous growth of profits of zhongwan building materials' customers. At the same time, we are working with a number of universities and industry associations to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of different markets...

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Direct selling

Advanced production technology

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Professional service team

Dedication, cooperation and win-win


Set research and development, production, sales and after-sales one-stop service. Production and management are strictly in accordance with IS09001 management system.

To choose us is to choose to rest assured

Hundreds of metal tile construction experience, for zhongwan building materials precipitation a professional, efficient implementation team.

Rich construction experience

The company provides customers with multiple options, different colors and different types, zhongwan building materials always follow the customer's Suggestions.

Intimate personalized customization

The quality and aesthetics of the metal tiles are key to the design of the roof. Zhongwan building materials years of construction experience, a set of complete solutions.

Exquisite maintenance technology

Zhongwan building materials metal tile structure stability and long life, a comprehensive overhaul and maintenance.

Long service life

Zhongwan building materials pays attention to the training of after-sales service personnel. Professional service team, free to provide customers with antique construction engineering, construction technology and technical training, after-sales service worry-free.

Complete after-sales service


company address:Room 803, building 1, tianyi international building, 599 huzhou street, gongshu district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province

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